Washed Up Art front biz card 2023

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Jeff's Story

Walking the beach is transformative and a form of meditation. Finding great driftwood and sea glass is just an extra. I usually see a piece of driftwood and imagine the art it will become. The exciting part is transferring that vision from brain to hands. Challenges are a good thing.

I discovered the word LOVE cut into a mat at a thrift store. My friend had just given me some stained glass shards. I put the glass behind the mat and that started another form of my art.

I try and use every inch of the material to make the piece. Cutoffs become mosaics or are transformed into another vision. Wood pieces that break or cannot be re-used are burned at our family fire pit parties. The ultimate circle of recycling.

I get inspired by friend's art, birds, dogs, fish, great sunsets, the moon, and beach adventures. I love making practical things and art from seemingly nothing.