Re-purposed stained glass art

Stained glass shards, broken blown glass, and plate glass from my artist friends are saved from being thrown out and become colorful signs. The frames are also re-purposed from thrift stores or hand made from recycled wood.

We can make custom names or words with frames and colors to match your decor.

My first attempt at this art

driftwood crabs

These crabs are crafted from recycled oak or pine pallets. Sizes are made custom according to the purpose or location. Perfect for indoor dining room, bedroom, kitchen, outside patio, sailboat or yacht.

Crate Crab Installation
Wine Top Crab

Wine Foil Crabs

We try and waste nothing at the house. Including wine tops!

Wine Foil Crabs are a funky addition to your bar or home pub.

Wine Foil Pets

Drinking wine does have it's advantages!

Wine Foil dogs or cats would look great in your vet office, business office or at home.


Pallet Pets

You can have a custom Pallet Pet created from a picture of your pet!

Send me a photo and the size requirements.

Driftwood and copper.


Contact Jeff Hughes for more information and to place a custom order.