Art Displays

  • Crate Crabs, Dogs and Cats
  • BeerĀ Cap Fish
  • Wine Top Fish, Dogs and Cats
  • Beer Cap Crabs
  • Crab Basket Bottom scenes
  • Driftwood Lawn Art
  • Stained Glass Shard Signs
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Crate Crab Installation

Functional Designs

  • Crab Float Lamps
  • Cork coasters
  • Signs
  • Cork hot pads
  • Wine racks
  • Tables
  • Stools
  • Driftwood Wine-steins
  • Beach Wine-steins
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Beer Cap Fish
Driftwood and copper.

Personalized gifts

  • Custom Sizes
  • Custom Breed for Crate Dogs
  • Your wine tops and beer caps made to order art
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Meet Jeff

"I would see a piece of driftwood and I would almost immediately say, "Oh, that could be part of a heron, or that's a fish, or that could be a good shelf depending on what I saw ... Some people like a finished piece of wood, but to me, there's no personality."

Read more about Jeff's work in the July 2017 issue of theĀ Severna Park Voice.

Have an idea?

Jeff would love to hear from you - and share about his latest creations.